One of the Hardest Pieces to this Complex Puzzle is…
What do we do with our deceased child’s belongings?
It’s complicated and confusing  Added sadness and overwhelm
Its hard to handle the emotional upset, and yet, this too must be done.
It may be too difficult to do yourself, and to precious and tender to give up to anyone else to do for you.
As a Parent, we might have these questions or concerns…
What if they throw away something that “I” needed to find?
What if they don’t see the beauty that was meant for “Me” to see?
Who can I trust that will understand how this feels?
Who could I ask that would even be wiling to help me? 

Please fill out the form below if you need help:

My name is DiAnna and I am a Professional Organizer,
    I have felt this to be a God given gift that he wants me to use for His Glory, to come along side you and help you with this task. I have the compassion, because I live it too. I lost my Son 12 years ago and have felt God's calling for many years.
    I can help you decide how to keep these treasures, until YOU decide when its time to let them go, if ever that day comes. Or help you manage the task with what is ok to let go and remove those things to the appropriate donation sites or charities.
  I have received great Joy at times when I open the boxes of my Son’s belongings, and other times devastating sadness, but this is part of your journey to healing and it is ok.

But most importantly, I feel you need to know, that whatever YOU decide to do, it is OK.. it’s going to be ok.

God has given me the gift and ability to put complicated puzzles back together again.

In Loving Prayer for Your comfort,

Heavenly Hope and Healing Following the Loss of a Child