Following the Loss of a Child

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day from Heaven
Mom I hope you know
I think of you every day
And I know you miss me so 

I know this day is hard for you
But if you could only see
The beauty that surrounds me
Now that I am free 

There are flowers everywhere
And the colors they are so bright
The sun shines in every corner
And there is no night 

Jesus holds me oh so close
I just want you to know
His love is everywhere
No matter where you go 

I know you feel I left too soon
You weren’t ready to say goodbye
I know the many tears you shed
But I’m proud of you as you try 

I see you try to lift your head
And smile at someone somewhere
I’m proud of you when you take a step
And reach out to share 

I’m proud of you as you carry on
Even as your heart is breaking
I know that every day for you
Is that choice you’ll be making 

A choice that will honor
The life I left that day
I’m so proud of you
As you find your way 

And now Mom just keep on giving
Keep reaching out in love
Please know that I am watching you
Up here in Heaven above 

Remember how much I love you
As you look up at the sky
Remember I’m always with you
I really didn’t die

In Memory of Shannon and Bradyn
05/11/2019 Mom

Heavenly Hope and Healing   Mother's Day

All over again 

Dear God it’s tough tonight
I’m missing my child so
I have so many questions
And the answers I don’t know 

I wish I could just see her
And hold her so very tight
I wish I could hear her voice
And talk to her tonight 

My heart is breaking all over again
The tears won’t stop today
 The pain is agonizing
And it doesn’t seem to go away 

Some days I think I’m better
But if I think too much
It feels as if it just happened
And I think I’m losing touch 

God it’s really tough today
But I’m trying with all my might
I really need to feel her presence
So, I’m holding her picture tight 

God some days are not so bad
Somedays I’m almost ok
But God, then it will hit me
And it’s like it’s the 1st day 

And when those days come at me
I tell myself to just begin
I can try to walk and I can try to  talk
It’s really not happening again 

I tell myself to hold on tight
Just to stop and pray
And if I turn my face to You
You’ll help me make it through the day 

I know that I can trust you
I know Your plan is right
Even if I don’t understand
You’ll help me make it through this night 

Debbi Jackson – March 23, 2019  In memory of Shannon & Bradyn

Heavenly Hope and Healing Following the Loss of a Child