​Tennis Ladies Roster:
1.  Debra VanDeVeer – Vicious volleyer VanDeVeer
2.  Lisa Meluso – Fierce at the net…just try to pass her
3.  Karen Pennell – Gets free lessons from the National Champ
4.   Lise Leigh – Floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee
5.   Sandy Rousseau – Garden of the Gods Club Queen of Clay
6.   Laura Whiteside - Queen of the ground stroke
7.   Jessica Hilton – Slams ‘em like Serena
8.  Kim Roff – Seems so sweet, but wicked backhand
9.  Sally Martin – Wham, bam, slam Sally
9.  Laura Hadley – Fashion queen hits it mean, nets it clean
10. Derry Adams – Rules legal courts and tennis courts, too.
11.  Charlie Bishop - The New Sensation on Tour
12.   Karen Walton – No faultin’ for Karen Walton 
13.  Jill Hoover – Jilly Bean Queen, the lobstar

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Tennis  MEN’s blurbs 
1.   Scott Leifer – He’s the Boss…on and off the courts
2.   Michael Manning – Rock and roll tennis coach
3.  Mike Pennell – He really is the over-50 national champ
4.  Michael Sartain – Serves like Pistol Pete Sampras
5.  Kris Kaltenbacher – The original giant killer
6.  Chris Stumm – Stumm ain’t no dumb bum.
7.  Jonathan Goodman – after pummeling you he prays for you
8.  Johnny Stueve – Revs up the crowd like Conners at the  Open
9.  David Rademacher - Flies in the skies and delivers on the courts
10.  Dave Adams – He’s the coach who can poach like a roach


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