Heavenly Hope and Healing is a non-profit organization with a sole purpose of comforting, encouraging, and supporting local mothers who are grieving the loss of a child. We are blessed that you are taking the time to consider our mission and thank you for your generosity in providing support to bereaved moms.

Gifts are fully tax-deductible when made through New Horizons Foundation. Gifts will go towards: 

  • Sponsoring a Mother’s Day Tea and regular support groups
  • Sponsoring a mom to attend our Annual Conference
  • Butterfly release for all Conference attendees
  • Keynote Speaker's travel and housing expenses  
  • Books for Moms
  • Yearly web expenses, mailings, advertising 
  • Sponsoring Hope Baskets for newly bereaved mothers

Heavenly Hope and Healing is organized by Moms who have lost children. Having stumbled through this dark valley ourselves, we are acutely aware of the burdens mothers face that are unknown to the general public. Often, we find those who we approach in hopes of finding support with our grief are often uncomfortable discussing our experiences as it is too depressing and they do not know what to say or how to help.

We are on a mission to increase the awareness of the needs of mothers whose voices are too weak to reach out and ask for assistance. 
As a voice and an insider to this "club," we volunteer our time to provide resources that are proving extremely helpful and comforting to grieving moms.

II Corinthians 1:3-6 says “Blessed be the God of all comfort, who comforts us in our affliction so that we may comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort which we ourselves have been comforted.” It is on God’s Heart and it is on our hearts as well.

Suicide in El Paso county is the highest in the nation. People are pouring money into resources to determine why this is happening and how it can be prevented. However, the parents of these victims are left in the wake with few reaching out to over them support. Recently, an Air Force Cadet took his life and within weeks his mother did the same. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence.  

Please consider partnering with us in this endeavor to support grieving mothers. 95% of all donations go directly toward helping local moms.

Heavenly Hope and Healing Following the Loss of a Child