About Heavenly Hope and Healing

Support Ministry
Heavenly Hope and Healing, A Colorado Nonprofit Corporation, is a Support Ministry.. We are not counselors. 

Heavenly Hope and Healing is organized and run by local moms

who have experienced the loss of a son or daughter. 

We are inspired by Umbrella Ministries (UmbrellaMinistries.Com) 
    Heavenly Hope and Healing offers comfort, hope, and encouragement to mothers who have suffered the loss of a child. We offer support to bereaved mothers by:

  • Support and encouragement filled with love and understanding.

  • A safe place to share feelings and to gain, peace and hope through Christian values while working through the grief process. 

  • An opportunity to talk about their children in caring groups and to turn their loss into a ministry of helping others.

                   “We may not be able to make the sun shine for you…but we can hold the umbrella”

Email Privacy
Heavenly Hope and Healing, A Colorado Nonprofit Corporation, does not provide, sell, or rent email addresses to anyone outside the organization.

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

 Heavenly Hope and Healing is a support ministry reaching out to the hearts of Mothers who have experienced the loss of a child.

Heavenly Hope and Healing Following the Loss of a Child