Your Cannon is Calling

from A Sparrow Sings by Lynda & John Shelhamer

"My heart is steadfast, I will make music with all my soul."
Psalm 108:1

A Canon, by definition, is a melody that is repeated as an underlying theme throughout a song.

For our purposes, it is a melody that will be repeated within your life song or in today's vernacular, your "mission and purpose statement."

After Josiah passed we didn't want to lose our passion for living. Our purpose had become a blurred, soiled heap on the floor of our grieving lives. We prayed for a new canon that would help us regain focus and trade our sympathy for a symphony, our sorrow for a song

The Heavenly Songwriter gave us the title: "Receive Life, Live Life, and Give Life."

This frequently repeated melody has helped John and me make decisions and sing our new song more clearly.

There are "stanzas" in life when we are physically and emotionally drained, calling for our Receive Life​ melody. During these times, we will go off alone or call on prayer warrior friends to pray for us. We spend time on our knees and in God's Word...receiving life. 

My Live Life melody is a daily hike but it is a run up the mountain for John. It's game nights with friends and vacations with family and grandchildren. 

Our Give Life stanzas include facilitating GriefShare, Bible studies, support groups, conferences for grieving moms, and sharing my Juice Plus, plant-based products. 

Our life decisions are based on our Canon which helps our life song to be sung well! When we get off-key, which of course happens, it is usually because we've lost sight of our Canon.

Your Composition

Discovery Dialog with your Composer: Begin opening your heart to the idea of a Life Canon it will give intent to your days, and provide a steadfast refrain when life notes soar to a high soprano or plummet to a low base. 

What are we instructed to do with our song? Deuteronomy 31:19

Prayer: Ask the Lord today for a ​Life Canon. If this is too complicated, go ahead and steal ours.

Selah: I will say "yes" to what aligns with my life song and "no" to what doesn't.

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